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Fees and Charges

Government Financial Support and Fees at Restvale

Aged Care fees and charges will vary depending on your financial circumstances.
Understanding Fees and Charges

Aged Care fees and charges will vary depending on your financial circumstances. Generally, you will be required to pay for your basic living expenses, your care and your accommodation.

This page will help you to:

Check if Government financial support is available to you

You may be eligible for Government support to cover some, or all, of your care accommodation fees. To apply for this support, you need to complete the Request for a Combined Assets & Income Assessment on the Department of Human Services website.

Get an estimate of your fees online

If you do not have time to complete the Combined Assets & Income Assessment before moving into Restvale, the DHS has developed a useful online calculator on the My Aged Care website. It will give you a good indication of the fees you can expect once your assessment form has been processed.

Find out which fees you need to pay

There are three main fees associated with residential aged care:

Basic Daily Fee

This fee covers your day-to-day cost of living such as meals, cleaning, heating and laundry. It currently represents 85% of the full pension. Every resident of Restvale is asked to pay this fee.

Means Tested Care Fee

This fee contributes to your day-to day care costs. The Department of Human Services will determine if you are to pay this fee based on your Combined Assets & Income Assessment.

Accommodation Fee

This fee covers your accommodation (room). The Department of Human Services will determine whether we will ask you to pay this fee. Their Assessment will also outline your payment options. Please see link to our current ‘Accommodation Charge Table’ for further information.

Accommodation Charges at Restvale

At Restvale, we pride ourselves on giving the best possible support and care no matter what your financial circumstances. All applications to Restvale will be considered.

The Government regulates Accommodation Charges for residential aged care homes. These charges can either be:

• A lump sum payment (Refundable Accommodation Deposit – RAD)
• A regular daily payment (Daily Accommodation Payment – DAP)
• A combination of both RAD and DAP

For Restvale, the maximum Accommodation Charge for any one person at Restvale is $550,000. If the accommodation charge is paid as a lump sum (RAD), it is fully refundable unless you choose to use the RAD to pay other charges.

The following table shows an example of Accommodation Charge options:

Type of ChargeAmount
Maximum Lump Sum (RAD)$550,000.00
Maximum Daily Payment (DAP)$125.67
50% RAD$275,000.00

Please note that because the Government adjust the interest rate calculation every three (3) months, the DAP amount quoted here is only valid until 30th June 2024.

Paying Your Fees

A Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) to be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
All other fees to be paid two (2) weeks in advance via direct debit.

Do you need further assistance?

Please feel free to call us on (08) 8389 6212 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can read more about fees & charges on the Australian Government’s Ageing and Aged Care website.

What's Next?

Coming to a decision about your Aged Care needs can be a long and complex process. Let us guide you through the important details.

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Aged care fees and charges vary depending on your financial circumstances. 

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