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A Little Stay at Restvale

    A poem about happy times at Restvale by John Seidel

    Restvale is a home for the elderly and infirmed, and for those who need a helping hand,

    I spent three weeks in there recently, to get the layout of the land.

    While my girlfriend was in hospital, having some adjustments made,

    It is the place to be, if you can’t help yourself, and your minds about to fade.

    They have such wonderful staff at Restvale, it’s unbelievably true,

    To help pull up your pants, comb your hair and make sure you haven’t got the flu.

    Bronwyn makes one so welcome, you’ll never want to go home again,

    Its unbelievable, anywhere else could never be the same.

    Each morning someone’s at the door, bringing in the paper and the bills,

    “Good morning, John,” they call, “it’s time to wake and take your pills,”

    Next thing you know the breakfast has arrived, porridge, fruit and yogurt,

    And if you like they’ll even shower and shave you, to get rid of all the dirt.

    Lunch is served in the dining room, a bit like meals on wheels,

    They make quite sure you don’t forget to take those jolly pills,

    I shared a table with the boys, Max, Richard, Brice and Fred,

    Brice kept the stories going, of times so tough, one couldn’t get ahead,

    Max always knew another one of girlfriends here and there,

    Other times we ate in silence, we had nothing more to share.

    There is a nice assortment, of beautiful young ladies here,

    Some I even knew from long ago, Ronda, Betty and Dorothy, to name a few so dear.

    We reminisced of long ago, of how things were in those great old days gone by,

    None of it would be of any use today, because nothing would legally comply,

    In a place like this, age is just a number, it really doesn’t matter,

    It’s a little bit like weight control, don’t worry, you surely will get fatter.

    I enjoyed it very much in Restvale, I was invited to extend my stay,

    I started coughing and spluttering, I didn’t know what to say,

    They tested me for COVID, I tested positive you know,

    So, an extra week I had to stay, so glad I didn’t have to go,

    I watched TV, read some books, drank some wine and thought I’ll be OK,

    And so it was, I lived to see another day.

    A toast to Restvale and their staff, how wonderful they are,

       We are so thankful for them all, they really are the best by far.   

    Administration, cooks, nurses, one and all,

    May God bless them, they are so dedicated to their call,

    All praise and thanks be given,

    For these people sent from Heaven.